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I am curious who the author was of the 21 page article and his/her credentials. Was the article Peer Reviewed or just one person's gathering and summarizing of information from various sources?

Thank you.

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The possibilities are unlimited, i have no doubt that it works against lots of cancer types..

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I have been following Cel-Sci closely for a few months before Phase III results were released. Prior to the release of PhaseIII results I established my initial position. After the results were published and the stock declined I increased my holdings. I have read a few years of their shareholder letters along with posts from Fosco, CVM research seeking Alpha, The Science Times, stocktwits etc. Along with that I have contacted the company on several occasions. So what brings me to my first post on this company?

I have been professionally investing for over 30 years and have some experience in bio tech stocks. Not all worked well for me so I have experienced some very positive and some quite unpleasant.

Years ago, I was involved with Amgen (AMGN) prior to their FDA approval for Erythropoietin. Initially they got approval for Dialysis patients and the stock took off. However, they soon were testing and getting approval in other uses and the stock continued its upward climb. It too several years of testing before investors could see its true TAM (Total Addressable Market). This brings me to a question and one that "CVM Research " may find worth doing some due diligence on. Before responding to this please go to the 41 minute mark of Dr. Talor video at


So here is my question (especially for those who think a sale is imminent in the near term): How could Cel_Sci management team and any prospective buyer come to an agreement on terms when the TAM is unknown?

In Dr. Talor's video he says they have seen multikine working quite well in early clinical trials for other uses and that it wasn't designed for singular use as in Head and Neck. So how would someone know what to offer and Cel-Sci willing to accept without knowing of other uses in solid tumors such as breast, prostrate, cervical etc. Seems to me that Cel _Sci would be giving away a tremendous amount of money if they sold the company based upon the TAM for H&N in the radiotherapy arm alone. I am not suggesting they would do this, but, I am interested in other approaches. Do the partner with someone else or go on to Phase II trials and do it on their own.

Clearly, with FDA approval they could fund the studies with much higher equity offerings. That said, management team and Directors have had a long history with the company and ma feel as though they want to enjoy life a little instead of going the distance. Thoughts?

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Excellent! “And, we believe this to be just scratching the surface of greater success to come. “ So do you think what the Buyout price should be, 10B, 15B, 20B, 25B or even 30B? Thank you!

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It's all clear that the drug is good, but why is nothing happening, the expected deadlines are passing, but we can't even find a record of an upcoming meeting with regulatory authorities. It turns out that no one agreed on anything with the FDA? Then the legitimate question arises: "why?" and then the company's management continues to remain silent. I really don't want to assume that we were deceived about the meeting with the FDA, but offer me an option in return? If someone from the company reads this post, I want to turn to this person with a request: "My friend, please don't be silent, after all that we have been through together, this is an extremely difficult time of your silence" I will be very grateful for the answer to this post and I congratulate everyone on the upcoming new year, let everything be fine! Happy New Year!

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CVM research...why don't you tell me in language that I can understand what the test results meant.

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It would seem tp me that the two commentors here have not read the test results as yet. It did not work!!!!!

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